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Blockchain Technology Application to Prevent Fraud

As a result of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies growth, blockchain is now more popular than ever. ~ Read more

Unicef Plans to Fund Blockchain Startups

Funding for humanitarian assistance such as relief efforts of refugees and poor children has been hampered quickly by legal or economic constraints. ~ Read more

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Our mission

Our mission is to spread and promote world peace. We do this by giving people equal opportunities to transmit and receive information, so that the society can have free access to information and decide what is right.

Freedom of Information Access

Huge traffic on the network is making it harder for people to identify the truth out of flooding information. Wrapious Group deems the effect information have on the society, and strives to deliver “true” information to users wherever you are.

Economic Liberation

The economical gap is not the issue just within one nation, but a global issue each of us should tackle. Using Peer-to-peer service, Wrapious Group provides the infrastructures where people get proper assessment and rewards for what they deserve.

Freedom of Education For All

Despite the technological development in the world, numerous children are yet to have access to decent education. Wrapious Group supports charities to spread the awareness of the importance of education.

  • More than half of the 7 billion world population lives in Asia, and Southeastern Asian areas are known with marked population density. That is why Wrapious Group focuses in Southeast Asia and plays a role of incubator for talents and enterprises in tech industry with the said arrival of the fourth Industrial Revolution.




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